Fanelli Pathways


What People Say

Anthony Whiteside

Career Coaching Client

"I began my career counseling with Bill looking for direction for my future, and by the end of our sessions together, I had found it. Working with Bill helped me develop a focus for going forward in my career and I greatly benefitted from the experience. By the end of the process, we had worked together to create a game plan that left me optimistic about the future."

Chuck Weisenbach

Principal, Roncalli High School, Indianapolis

"Bill's vast experience and wisdom in the areas of leadership development and succession planning have proven invaluable to me personally and to Roncalli High School as a whole!  Bill has an innate talent of asking questions that always challenge the way that I view leadership development and what is best for Roncalli!  Bill is a great listener and is gifted at processing ideas and information solicited in the course of a discussion and  then bringing clarity to the essential question of "What next?"  In my numerous experiences working with Bill, I have found that he consistently pushes people and their discussions out of their comfort zone and into the critical "tipping point" area, which is usually where difficult "growth oriented" decisions must be made."

Patrick Donahue

Vice President, Learning & Leadership Development, Danaher Corporation, Washington D.C.

"I have been in the Leadership Development and Learning space for over 20 years now in both academia and business. Bill Fanelli is the most creative thinker and articulate writer I have ever met. Bill gets to know the business for which he is designing for intimately and creates learning that today’s business leaders can relate to and value."


Stacy Burdett

Director, Global Sales Force Development, Cummins, Columbus Indiana

"Fanelli Pathways makes my work stronger and more impactful.  His consulting prowess is such that he has helped me build actionable and measurable plans to achieve my goals.  The mastery and extensive business knowledge that Bill brings to the table enables him to scale and define the steps needed to take while better developing and refining the goal to achieve optimal outcomes.

 Every session with Bill leaves me walking away with better understanding of the fundamentals where people, process, and business goals intersect and how to deliver value to each sector.  I have found my consulting sessions with Bill bleeding into work streams that are broader than what I initially engaged him on as the lessons are filled with business insight that increases my performance across the board. Consulting with Fanelli Pathways sets my project plan down the path to a greater probability of success."

Doug Grasso

Client Engagement Leader, Precision Xtract, Fishers Indiana

"Bill has a knack for listening to an organization and building a holistic plan to help address cultural gaps. For example I worked with Bill when he put together a change agenda to institute the Service Profit Chain at our company.  This was the most powerful leadership agenda that I’ve been part of in my career.  If  I were running a business and wanted to put a plan in place to improve my leadership skills on my team, Bill is the first consultant I would call.  He helped us to put interventions in place to address cultural gaps in the areas of risk aversion and empowerment of employees.  The results were significant for me personally and the entire leadership audience.  When I worked in our Six Sigma organization, we needed to improve our Black Belts’ skills in the area of internal consultancy. Bill put a workshop in place that enlightened our team in the area of building trust."    

David Bonner

Career Coaching Client, Founding Director and Head of Apogee School for the Gifted

“If you're looking for a coach to help you discover an ideal career fit, I can't recommend Mr. Fanelli enough.  Our lives are stories that have many chapters, and Mr. Fanelli is one of those storytellers that has the magic that brings the words on a page to life.  A good storyteller is passionate about the subject he is reading, and Mr. Fanelli is very genuine and positive when it comes to your life story.  While the initial interview is a great experience, this storyteller will have you on the edge of your seat when he tells you about the next chapter in your life.  The real test is time.  Writing this eight months later, Mr. Fanelli's assessment has been a vital piece of my story.  I was in the process of launching a private school and felt lost and like an imposter at the time.  I was ready to give up.  My assessment results confirmed that I'm uniquely suited to do exactly what I'm doing with one exception.  90% of my effort and stress was from 10% of the work.  I was advised to hire someone else to do that 10%.  Although I'm not there yet, simply knowing my limitations have helped me see them for what they truly are and not let it get me down.  This year we had the best school year ever, and it's looking like we'll triple in size for next year.  Thanks Mr. Fanelli!"