Fanelli Pathways

Career Coaching

How It Works


Interview conducted by Aaron Garner (on camera) and Matt Choinard of Tetra Prime Consulting. For more videos about career exploration and advice, click here.

The process

My process comprises 3 meetings for a total of 4 hours:

  • In the first one-hour meeting, I will listen to your story and life challenges, which enables me to fit the career coaching process to your unique situation. You will leave that meeting with the assignment to take the Strong Interest Inventory survey and write down focused reflections in a Career Journal and Map.

  • The second meeting is 2 hours, where we discuss the results of your Strong survey and your Career Journal reflections. You will have assignments to validate your career reflections with a couple of trusted people, and do some job exploration via the O*NET OnLine job database.

  • In the third and final meeting (1 hour) , we will review findings from your assignments, guide you through some decisions, and then we’ll build your action plan.